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P11073-10418-2011/Cor 1 - IEEE Draft Health informatics--Personal health device communication Part 10418: Device specialization--International Normalized Ratio (INR) monitor - Corrigendum 1

This standard addresses a need for an openly defined, independent standard for controlling information exchange to and from personal health devices (agents) and managers (e.g., cell phones, personal computers, personal health appliances, and set top boxes). Interoperability is key to growing the potential market for these devices and to enabling people to be better informed participants in the management of their health.So far, we have three items on the list of change request for 11073-10418: 1) The name of Table-17 shall be 'Context tester enumeration object attributes'. And the same applies to Figure 2 at Page 25. 2) The Device Alarms object shall be removed from Figure 1. 3) In Table C.1, the Reference ID and Medical Device Communications (MDC) nomenclature Code are wrong. They shall be changed to MDC_DEV_SPEC_PROFILE_INR and 4114 Above three items are the scope of this proposed change, but we don't preclude any further change request pop up during the developing process of this Corrigenda unless it requires a significant change to the technical content of the original 11073-10418 standard.
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