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Seminar: HealthCare IT and eHealth Global Regulation and Market Opportunities

On 3 February 2014, the Standards Institution of Israel (SII), the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute (IEICI), and the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) co-hosted a workshop on healthcare IT, eHealth, mHealth and market challenges and opportunities. The event took place at the IEICI’s facilities in Tel Aviv and attracted some 40 attendees, many from start-up companies and technology organizations from the surrounding areas.

The program offered a broad spectrum of perspectives, from standardization organizations, industry experts, and government:

  • Philip Libman, VP Business Development, Early Partners
  • Moira Patterson, Sr. Manager, Global Activities, IEEE-SA
  • Malcolm Clarke, WG Chair & Participant, IEEE-SA
  • Danny Even-Chen, Director Quality & Regulatory, Philips HealthCare
  • Lloyd Green, Marketing Director, Conformity Assessment, IEEE-SA
  • Tamir Feldman, Cyber Space Director, Ministry of Health, Israel
  • Bill Ash, Strategic Technology Program Director for eHealth, Smart Grid, and Smart Cities initiatives, IEEE-SA
  • Amnon Shabo, Head of the Healthcare and Life Sciences Standards Program, IBM Haifa Research Lab

The presenters discussed the importance of standardization in the healthcare industry, which is tightly regulated, as well as conformity assessment to ensure interoperability of portable healthcare devices. Further, the regulatory environment in some key export markets was covered, as well as the ministry’s concerns on information and cyber security.

There were interactive and engaging discussions about the challenges, ways to overcome these challenges, and the opportunities in this rapidly growing field. In addition, insights about the social, economic, technological, and policy drivers in this space that has the potential to change the quality of life for millions were also addressed.

Based on interest from the audience, Dr. Malcolm Clarke convened a specialized tutorial session on the implementation of healthcare device standards for interested attendees at the conclusion of the workshop. A number of participants from the workshop attended the tutorial session.