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Global Engagement

Supporting collaboration, development and adoption of standards across the globe with industry, governments and the public.


The ITU-T's external link mission is to ensure an efficient and on-time production of high quality standards (Recommendations) covering all fields of telecommunications.

IEEE Participation in ITU-T
IEEE is a sector member of the ITU-T. For more information about IEEE's participation in the ITU-T contact the Global Activities Office.

Access to ITU-T Recommendations/Working Documents
IEEE has access to the ITU Electronic Library of documents, access can be obtained by requesting an ITU TIES account. Submit your request for a TIES account, external link via the ITU website, where IEEE will authorize the request and create the new TIES account.

Already submitted a request for a TIES account? Check the status now. external link

Additional Information About ITU-T

Recommendations are the main product of ITU-T and currently number more than 3100 Recommendations. external link Recommendations are standards that define how telecommunication networks operate and interwork. ITU-T Recommendations are non-binding; however they are generally complied with due to their high quality and because they guarantee the interconnectivity of networks and enable telecommunication services to be provided on a worldwide scale. Other ITU-T products include handbooks and supplements.


Working Methods and Rules of Procedure