Standards Awards

Recognizing outstanding leadership and contributions to the IEEE-SA and the development of standards.


James H. Dietz, John Ewing, Robert Grave, Lowell Goudge, James Gregory, Brian Ley, Rick Mazur, Fred Perilstein, David R. Phelps, Ken Prosmushkin, Jay Sender
IEEE Std 16™-2004, IEEE Standard for Electrical and Electronic Control Apparatus on Rail Vehicles

Hans Gnerlich
IEEE Std 400.2™-2004, IEEE Guide for Field Testing of Shielded Power Cable Systems Using Very Low Frequency (VLF)

Scott Groesbeck, John White
IEEE Std 634™-2004, IEEE Standard Cable-Penetration Fire Stop Qualification Test

Tony Jeffree, Paul Congdon, Bill Lane
IEEE Std 802.1AB-2005, IEEE Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks: Station and Media Access Control Connectivity Discovery

Dr. Robert Ross, Nigel Hampton, Greg Stone, John Fothergill
IEEE 930™-2004, IEEE Guide for the Statistical Analysis of Electrical Insulation Breakdown Data

John Fee
IEEE Std 1210™-2004, IEEE Standard Tests for Determining Compatibility of Cable-Pulling Lubricants With Wire and Cable

Jerry L. Reding
IEEE Std 1283™-2004, IEEE Guide for Determining the Effects of High-Temperature Operation on Conductors, Connectors, and Accessories

Eric Gould, Mark Kaufman, Les Orlidge, John Sheppard, Tim Wilmering
IEEE Std 1522™-2004, IEEE Trial-Use Standard for Testability and Diagnosability Characteristics and Metrics

Lori Colangelo, John H. Corvin, Denise Edgecomb-Cope, Paul E. Jamieson (Chair), Bonnie McDonough, Shantilal Morar, Marilyn M. Phillips, Thomas Tougas
IEEE Std 1558™-2004, IEEE Standard for Software Documentation for Rail Equipment and Systems

George G. Karady,Neil Woodley, Hubert Bilodeau, Chris Horwill
IEEE Std 1623™-2004, IEEE Guide for the Functional Specification of Medium Voltage (1 kV--35 kV) Electronic Shunt Devices for Dynamic Voltage Compensation

Keith Ellis, Chris Gorringe, Ashley Hulme
IEEE Std 1641™-2004, IEEE Standard for Signal and Test Definition

William Ackerman, Robert Corlew, Mike Dood, Gary Engmann, James Gardner, Dennis K. Holstein, Marc Lacroix, Peter Rashchio, Lee Smith, John Tengdin
IEEE Std 1646™-2004, IEEE Standard Communication Delivery Time Performance Requirements for Electric Power Substation Automation

Sam Michaels, Ronald Stahara, Stephen Shull
IEEE Std C57.12.34™-2004, IEEE Guide for Field Testing of Shielded Power Cable Systems Using Very Low Frequency (VLF)

Hans-Wolfgang, Oertel Mick Maytum
IEEE Std C62.32™-2004, IEEE Standard Test Methods for Low-Voltage Air Gap Surge-Protective Device Components