Standards Awards

Recognizing outstanding leadership and contributions to the IEEE-SA and the development of standards.


​Philip J. Hopkinson
“For his national and international leadership through 45​ ​ years of continuous development of transformer standards​ ​ providing for new technologies and the implementation of​ ​ energy efficiency.”

Michael Johas Teener
“In gratitude to a visionary plumbing architect that over the past 40 years has brought us IEEE 896™ Futurebus, IEEE 1394™ Firewire and IEEE 802.1Q™ TSN.”

Mick Seaman
"For outstanding technical and architectural vision, leadership, and mentoring through 30 years of dedication to the development of standards for Bridging and Security in IEEE 802.1"

Todd Cooper
"For a lifetime of leadership, mentorship and sacrifice in standards development for medical device data communication and system integration. Fostering technical innovation, excellence, and benefits to humanity"

Gary Robinson
"For his exceptional contributions towards the development of computer standards across many Standards Development Organizations, and his patient leadership in the standards development process"

Richard DeBlasio
"For his achievements including foundational R &D and program development supporting multiple Standards Development Organizations, and for the creation of standards entities and personal leadership"

Tony Jeffree
"For his exceptional dedication, hard work, and technical excellence in furthering the IEEE Intworking Group 802.1 and its development of standards for Bridging, link layer security and network management"

Francois Martzloff
"For a lifetime of integrity, leadership, and mentorship in standards development for surge-protective devices and power quality fostering technological innovation, excellence, and benefits to humanity"

Joseph L. Koepfinger
"For his long-term commitment to technological innovation and his influential role in developing useful and accurate surge protective devices standards for industry"