Standards Awards

Recognizing outstanding leadership and contributions to the IEEE-SA and the development of standards.


​Erik Jan Marinissen
“For his passion and initiative supporting the creation​ ​of a 3D Test Standard.”​

​IEEE 802.11™ Working Group
“For developing the IEEE 802.11 Enhancements for Very​ ​ High Throughput in the 60 GHz Band standard, the first​ ​ IEEE standard for wireless LAN millimeter wave technology,​ ​ enabling widespread consumer and commercial use of​ ​ 60 GHz spectrum for applications requiring extremely high​ ​ performance, multi-gigabit connectivity and low latency.”​

Giovanni Acampora
“For outstanding contribution and leadership as Chair of the IEEE P1855TM Working Group in initiating and facilitating the creation of the first IEEE standard in the area of fuzzy logic.”

Stephen F. Bush
“For contributions to the research, development, and standardization of nanoscale communications.”

IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) Ontologies for Robotics and Automation (ORA) Working Group
"For developing the 'Core Ontologies for Robotics and Automation' standard, which is the first RAS standard and one of the first ontology-based IEEE standards"

Yuan-Ting Zhang
"For outstanding contribution and leadership as Chair of the IEEE P1708 Working Group in facilitating the creation of the first IEEE standard on wearable cuffless blood pressure measuring devices"

IEEE-SA P2700 Standard for Sensor Performance Parameter Definitions
"For the rapid development of MEMS standard sensor parameter performance definitions that address a critical need in the industry for accelerating innovation and commercialization"

Pierre Martin
"For his tireless work as vice chairman of the C37.239 WG in facilitating the engineering, design, and implementation of the standard and the scheme of the new Common Format for Event Data Exchange"

802.22 Working Group
"For developing the first IEEE standard for television whitespaces, using state of the art cognitive radio features that will help bridge the digital divide that exists today for rural areas and developing countries"

IEEE Rail Transit Vehicle Interface Standards Committee Working Group #2
"For leadership in develop universally adopted consensus standards for communications-based train control technology"

IEEE 11073 Personal Health Devices Working Group
"For outstanding effort facilitating the creation of interoperability health standards products which enable people to safely and effectively monitor and maintain their health"