Standards Awards

Recognizing outstanding leadership and contributions to the IEEE-SA and the development of standards.


The Distinguished Service Award is made annually to current member(s) or past member(s) of the IEEE-SA Standards Board to recognize distinguished service to the IEEE-SA based on major contributions to the standards development process. Major contributions include but are not limited to the following examples:

  • Enhancing the process through continued service on its major action committees.
  • Leadership in developing new aspects of what the IEEE-SA can do to improve its procedural process.
  • Interaction on behalf of the IEEE-SA to promote national and international growth of standards as a product of IEEE.
  • Representing the IEEE-SA at various levels within IEEE Societies/Committees and other standards-developing organizations (ASME, IEC, etc.), which encourages the implementation of the IEEE Standards Association mission and its goals.

This recognition consists of an engraved wooden plaque. There is no honorarium attached to this award.

Member(s) of the IEEE-SA Standards Board, or to past member(s) going back as far as five years from the current date. There are no restrictions or preferences as to the nationality, race, sex, creed or age.

Annual Deadline 31 July
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This award is sponsored by the IEEE Standards Association, administered by the IEEE-SA Awards and Recognition Committee.