IEEE-SA Standards Board Approvals

New and revised standards projects, as well as new and revised standards put forth for approval by the Standards Board.

02/09 NOVEMBER 2009

Approved PARs for New Standards

  • P24748.1 (C/S2ESC): Guide: Adoption of ISO/IEC TR 24748-1, Systems and Software Engineering--Guide for Life Cycle Management
  • P24748.2 (C/S2ESC): Guide: Adoption of ISO/IEC 24748-2, Systems and Software Engineering--Life Cycle Management -- Part 2: Guide for the Application of ISO/IEC 15288 (System Life Cycle Processes)
  • P24748.3 (C/S2ESC): Guide: Adoption of ISO/IEC 24748-3, Systems and Software Engineering--Life Cycle Management--Part 3: Guide for the Application of ISO/IEC 12207 (Software Life Cycle Processes)
  • P1580.1 (IAS/PCI): Recommended Practice for Insulated Bus Pipe for Use on Shipboard and Fixed or Floating Platforms
  • P1810 (IAS/PCI): Guide for the Selection and Installation of Fire-Rated, Circuit Integrity Cables for Safety, Critical, and Emergency Shutdown Systems in Petroleum and Chemical Industries
  • P487a (PE/PSC): Recommended Practice for the Protection of Wire-Line Communication Facilities Serving Electric Supply Locations Amendment 1 - Requirements and Conditions for Placing the Wire-Line-Fiber Cable Junction (CFJ) Inside the Zone of Influence
  • P519.1 (PE/T&D): Guide for Applying Harmonic Limits on Power Systems
  • P1806 (PE/T&D): Guide for Placement of Overhead and Underground Switching and Overcurrent Protection Equipment

PARs for Revision of Standards

  • P1076.1.1 (C/DA): Standard for VHDL Analog and Mixed-Signal Extensions--Packages for Multiple Energy Domain Support
  • PC57.13.3 (PE/PSR): Guide for Grounding of Instrument Transformer Secondary Circuits and Cases
  • PC62.92.1 (PE/SPDHV): Guide for the Application of Neutral Grounding in Electrical Utility Systems, Part 1 - Introduction
  • P1125 (PE/SUB): Guide for Moisture Measurement and Control in SF6 Gas-Insulated Equipment
  • P1416 (PE/SUB): Recommended Practice for the Interface of New Gas-Insulated Equipment in Existing Gas-Insulated Substations Rated Above 52kV
  • P1646 (PE/SUB): Standard Communication Delivery Time Performance Requirements for Electric Power Substation Automation
  • PC37.48.1 (PE/SWG): Guide for the Application, Operation, and Coordination of High-Voltage (>1000 V) Current-Limiting Fuses

Modified PARs

  • P1785 (MTT/SC): Standard for Rectangular Metallic Waveguides and Their Interfaces for Frequencies of 110 GHz and Above.
  • P1511.1 (PE/IC): Guide for Investigating and Analyzing Shielded Power Cable Failures on Systems Rated 5 kV Through 46 kV
  • P1410 (PE/T&D): Guide for Improving the Lightning Performance of Electric Power Overhead Distribution Lines

Withdrawn PARs

  • P802.19 (C/LM): Recommended Practice for Information Technology - Telecommunications and Information Exchange Between Systems - Local and Metropolitan Networks - Specific Requirements - Part 19: Methods for Assessing Coexistence of Wireless Networks
  • P519.1 (SCC22): Guide for Applying Harmonic Limits on Power Systems

New Standards

  • P1653.2 (VT/RT): Standard for Uncontrolled Traction Power Rectifiers for Substation Applications Up to 1500 Volts DC Nominal Output

Revision Standards

  • P1044 (C/S2ESC): Standard Classification for Software Anomalies
  • P1667 (C/IA): Standard Protocol for Authentication in Host Attachments of Transient Storage Devices
  • P1800 (C/DA + BOG/CAG): Standard for SystemVerilog - Unified Hardware Design, Specification, and Verification Language
  • P16326 (C/S2ESC): Systems and Software Engineering - Life Cycle Processes - Project Management
  • PC57.12.60 (PE/TR): Standard Test Procedure for Thermal Evaluation of Insulation Systems for Dry Type Power and Distribution Transformers, Including Open-Wound, Solid-Cast and Resin Encapsulated Transformers