IEEE-SA Board of Governors

Responsible for overseeing the operations and establishing policy for the IEEE-SA.


The CAG serves as an advisory body to IEEE-SA corporate members and to the IEEE-SA BOG. It procures industry input concerning the IEEE standards process and provides strategic direction and recommendations to the BOG. The committee strives to represent a broad spectrum of industry interests and global perspectives.


  • Represents corporate member insight and guidance on needs, interest, vision, products, and services provided by IEEE
  • Establish the CAG as the recognized conduit for corporate perspectives
  • Serves as advocate for IEEE
  • Promotes and advocates new work in the SA in all areas of the life cycle
  • Promotes corporate representation, membership, and entity-based activities
  • Facilitates industry feedback on present and proposed methods and tools provided for development of standards and related products
  • Provides sponsorship, as appropriate, and sponsorship liaison for entity-based projects
  • Advises on direction of IEEE-SA Corporate Program, including budget

View more information PDF format about the criteria that needs to be submitted for CAG sponsorship of a project.

CAG Profile

  • Strives to represent a broad spectrum of industry interests
  • Represents a global perspective
  • Serves in an advisory capacity
  • Serves as advocate for IEEE


  • Current employee of, or otherwise designated by, a corporation
  • Employer is Basic or Advanced corporate member of IEEE-SA

Strategic Outreach Position Profile

  • Entity is domiciled outside the US
  • Entity is in region that is targeted for expanded involvement in corporate program
  • Entity has a perceived interest in SA standards development
  • Entity shows interest in leveraging the understanding of the SA in their region
  • Entity must be a corporate member of IEEE-SA (or willing to join)
  • Entity must have vested interest in management of industry standards development
  • Person must be current employee of the entity in a strategic standards position

2018 CAG Roster
CAG members must be a current employee of, or otherwise designated by, a corporation that is an IEEE-SA Basic or Advanced corporate member.

GE logo Robby Simpson, Chair, GE
State Grid Corporation of China logo Jun Yu, Vice Chair, State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC)
Huawei logo Chuck Adams, Huawei
Huawei logo Masayuki Ariyoshi, NEC Corporation
logo Dennis Brophy, Mentor, a Siemens Business
Qualcomm logo Mark Epstein, Qualcomm
Microsoft logo Latonia Gordon, Microsoft
Xiaomi Inc. logo Tom Herbst, ARM
Ericsson logo Glenn Parsons, Ericsson
Valens logo Venkat Sarma, L&T Infotech
Cisco Systems, Inc. logo Sha Wei, China Electronics Standardization Institute (CESI)